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It is my pleasure to be a Republican candidate for your representation in the US House of Representatives TX-22.

My desire to run for this office, is rooted in my life-long desire to serve the United States and my community.  After 11 years of service in the US Army, fixing helicopters and crewing CH-47D helicopters my family returned to this district to begin civilian life.

In 2013, I began a family business with my cousin.  We conducted aerial wildlife management all over Texas, then furthering our operations into air tours of Houston and the surrounding area.  We started our company with about $300 between the two of us.  The business is still operation, though my involvement is limited due to outside employment.

I currently work in the Gulf of Mexico flying employees of the many oil & gas companies to oil rigs all over the gulf.  

My candidacy in the 2020 Republican Primary is a result not only of new ideas for our district, but of a desire to do MORE for the district.  No candidate will have the energy, heart, or resolve that I have within me.  

This will be demonstrated by a constant sponsoring of my own legislative actions and constant contact with constituents.  The incumbent is rightly poked by a vast majority of constituents for not communicating with them via town halls.

As the forefront of my campaign, at a minimum we will hold monthly town halls.  We will also work to develop a web-based platform for constituents to ask questions in text format, while I can reply on live video.  This would be a regularly scheduled program.

My primary goals are to:

Reduce National Debt

Reduce Annual Spending - Across the board; all federal departments are wasting funds.

Tax Code Overhaul

LGBT equal Rights

Decriminalization of Marijuana / Remove from Schedule I Classification

Reduce Health Care Costs

Reduce Prescription Drug Costs

Establish Energy Independence

Committee to Elect Joe Walz
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